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Bernhard Wilden

24 years of age

Born in Cologne, Germany on November 26, 1982

Died in Beijing, Peoples Republic of China on December 22, 2006



The German-born and very faithful Roman Catholic student, Bernhard Wilden, had been studying since September 2002 in Beijing in the People's Republic of China. Tragically, he died during the night of December 22-23, 2006 under unclarified circumstances but obviously of a violent death at the hands of Chinese authorities.

The following pages are the short history of the life and sad end of my beloved son, Bernhard Wilden, proudly relating the rich substance of his young life, one embracing the dogma of his Church which he openly practiced while studying in China. Although many attempts have been made to clarify the mysterious circumstances of Bernhard's death, beseeching authorities of the German Federal Foreign Office in Berlin and numerous levels of authority in the Peoples Republic for enlightenment, no clarification has been forthcoming.

For understanding of the things which happened there is inserted a short section about the difficult situation of Christianity, especiality the Catholic church in China.

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