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In conclusion, it is realistic to believe that Bernhard Wilden died a very violent death on the night of the 22/23 December 2006 while studying in Beijing. It is safe to assume from the facts that came to light that his death occurred near the mining university. Furthermore, it is most probable that he died inside the building in question and that he was later carried outside through an emergency door, laid in the nearby street, so that it would be believed that he had fallen or jumped to his death.

These suspicions indicate the following:

Bernhard telephone home the day before his death and expressed a strong desire to leave China immediately because he was sure that he was in danger; he felt threatened.

He also wrote an email to us the next day, the day of his death (as far as the Chinese secret service agents proport).

Bernhard's father, upon arrival in Beijing immediately following news of his son's death, was badly mistreated by the Chinese. In point of fact, despite the shock and sorrow that he was experience, he was clearly treated in the most hostile manner expected.

The Chinese could never provide a sound reason why they would not permit Bernhard's human remains to be returned him for burial.

The fire stairwell in question is secured by a strong iron padlock proving that access to the interior stairs was impossible despite what the Chinese reported.

The films of Bernhard's supposed death scene were only shown to his family and embassy officials only after intense pressure from German officials and it is also clear that these videos were manufactured after the fact so as to respond to the German Embassy's demands.

The male figure in the film in question did not wear a hat and yet Bernhard was known to have worn one and was seen in other surveillance films while enroute to this site wearing one.

There is a flaw in the Chinese film depictions, as we know, as well. With what camera could the second video filmed when it was not directed to the place of supposed death?

Also, how could a puddle of blood emanate from the body as soon as it impacted the earth when no wounds there were found on Bernhard's remains?

Bernhard's eyeglasses were destroyed, mangled and shattered, when his body was found and yet a fall like this could not cause such damage!

It is also important to note that neither these eyeglasses nor his clothing, his hat and coat returned to us later, had a single spec of blood upon them. Bernhard had no external injuries and his face was completely unscathed according to a witness not belonging to the secret police.

Initially, the Chinese officials provided no cause of death but only responded, by stating that he died from severe head injuries, once pressure was placed upon them to explain what had happened to Bernhard. Why would this supposed cause not be listed in an official death certificate? The truth of the matter, from the facts exposed, is that the nature of Bernhard's death was more in keeping with a confrontation or fight!

Also, it is important to question why the official death certificate stated that Bernhard was found dead when the meetings at the PSB stated that he was still breathing when found, was rushed to the nearby hospital and only died once he had arrived there?

We must also question why copies of these two videos were embargoed so that my husband could neither bring duplicates home or to use his own camera to film the videos as they unfolded so as to have a personal copy for me?

It was also disconcerting to us that the police officials of the PSB exhorted my husband to end his suspicions of the Chinese in Bernhard's death now that they were kind enough to let him view the videos of our son's death as if these false films would convince us to ignore the truth and the blatant contradictions we knew to exist! As a consequence in all we now know, there would be no reason to ever end our well-founded suspicions.

In fact, to the contrary, we now are reinforced in those suspicions.

The Chinese government desires to eliminate any suspicions still held by us at this time.

Until the time that this happens, I stand by all statements made by us. -

It should be known that my intent in writing this documentation was not for personal motivations in overcoming the death of my son. Bernhard was a pious and faithful Catholic and believed firmly in the promise of salvation and the rewards of eternal life. Accordingly, we rejoice in the knowledge that Bernhard has already attained the crown of glory. Although saddened as any mother would be at the loss of a wonderful son, I accept things as they are. Bernhard is never far from my thoughts and will always remain close in my heart.

I have undertaken this project out of a deep respect for Bernhard. He deserves, in death, to have the truth of his story told.

We have no doubt that the Chinese government regrets how Bernhard's life ended in their nation. We can understand that they would not wish for these dark events to come to the light of day, but surely they should not have tried to hush-up the facts once everything happened. We know that those that are responsible for Bernhard's death will never step forward to reveal the reasons for, and manner of, the death of our son. It shall never be too late for honesty to prevail and we pray that those involved will one day come forward.

We maintain hope and pray for a future filled with freedom of conscience and exercise of individual faith in China so that the government there will come to wish to reveal the truth one day; so that the greatest good will win out in the end.

Finally, and with sincere disdain, we find it incomprehensible to us that both the employees of the Foreign Ministry of the German Republic and the staff employees of the German Embassy in Beijing, in December 2006, completely ignored the very obvious references to a violent death.



At this point, I wish to publicly thank many people who have assisted in the completion of this tribute to Bernhard. Foremost of all is my husband who repeatedly undertook the burden of travelling alone, and in profound grief and mourning, to China following Bernhard's death. At times his health was seriously affected; throughout this ordeal he being near to complete physical exhaustion.

I wish to thank above all Bernhard's dear friends in China that helped us work through valuable information to pursue the last footsteps of our beloved son.

I also extend my thanks and gratitude to Bernhard's friends in Japan and Korea.

I also thank the staff of the BLCU, which extended a friendly welcome, and offered assistance to my husband in December 2007.

I thank the staff of the German Embassy in Beijing for their assistance in December 2007. My husband at this time was very grateful for this necessary assistance.

It is also important to offer thanks to those anonymous friends and supporters in Beijing who for their own safety cannot now be named here publicly.

Gratitude is extended as well to Mr. J. who made it possible for Bernhard's father to travel quickly and safely to Beijing in November and December 2007. In every way he offered Bernhard's father the support he desperately needed at that time.

A special note of thanks must go to a special priest working in the Vatican. At Bernhard's death he telephoned us from Rome to extend his condolences and offer of assistance. I am very grateful to him because, by his actions, it was clear to us that the Catholic Church, which Bernhard loved so dearly, had not forsaken him in death, nor had it forsaken his parents in the darkest hour of their lives.

Finally, I extend a special word of thanks to James-Charles Noonan, Jr who has translated this homepage into English for us.